Our team


Alexandra Schmitz
Co-founder, artist, director

Born in Quebec, the daughter of a French mother and a Belgian father, Alexandra is a young artist
who considers that the Earth is a place of meetings, playing and sharing with others.
After 3 years at the National Circus School in Châtellerault (France) and 4 years at the National
Circus School in Montreal (Canada), she started to work in different events and for many
companies including : TV show « The best » in France, Solycirco Festival in Germany, Cirque
Romanès in Paris, Cirque Ovale, Cie du Bois Midi, Studio Safran, Jeune Opéra de France, etc.
A year after her studies, she began to study puppetry and co-created the company « Alex On The
Wire » with Jonathan Charlet (from CNAC circus school ).
In 2016, she created the show « Au bout du train » , a 30 minutes solo where she performs
tightwire and puppetry in a Vintage atmosphere.
She is fan of the 60’s and loves salted butter caramel.



Jonathan Charlet
Co-founder, artist, technician, director

Born in the north of France, Jonathan discovered circus through juggling.
After attending high school, he went to discover the world on a 1 year and half journey. This trip
was the opportunity for him to refine his vision and move towards the circus arts.
He later joined the National School of Circus Arts in Rosny-sous-bois (ENACR – France) where he
specialized in hand to hand.
He continued his studies at the CNAC circus school in Châlons en Champagne (France) and then
worked with different companies such as Fura dels Baus, XY, Hervegil, Azeïn, Max et Maurice,
Jeune Opéra de France and Cirque Exalté.
At the same time, he co-founded the company Alex On The Wire with Alexandra who became
much more than a working partner.
He loves playing ukulele and makes delicious pancakes.



Véra Rozanova
Artistic advisor and puppetry

After 5 years in the Theatre Academy of St Petersbourg (Russia), she joined the National Puppetry
school of Charleville-Mézières (France) where she developed her skill in object manipulation and
She later worked as an artistic director and puppeteer actor between France and Russia. She
created many projects with the Collectif 23h50, Les Ateliers de Peneloppe, and Le Théâtre aux
Mains Nues.
In 2017, she founded her own company in Nantes ( France ) in order to develop her activity near
her hometown. She has been working since 2015 with Cie Alex On The Wire on the show « Au
bout du train » as an artistic advisor and puppetry teacher.

She loves sushis !



Chloé Marcel

Light and sound manager

Trained in light management at STAFF school (France) in 2013 and 2014, Chloé has worked in
different places such as La Coursive ( National Scene of La Rochelle ) where she was working in
lighting both as an electro-technician and machinist.
She is also stage manager at the Asile, a small theater in La Rochelle.
Chloé has practiced circus for many years, which is why she is always happy to work alongside
circus artists.
She loves practicing pole dance in her spare time.




Jean-Paul Lefeuvre :
The one and only, the cherry on the cake, artistic advisor.

He has seen everything, done everything, he knows everyone : it’s Jean-Paul!
He helped us with the artistic direction on the project « Au bout du train ».
He has always given great advice, and speaks from the heart.
He does not like wild strawberries !